English Garden and me – Bùi Đức Tiến

I have learned many English centers but today I want to tell you about the most famous English center on teaching medthods that make students excited is English Garden.It is situated in 139 Cầu Giấy street.

The first thing when i step into the classroom is the image of the walls with extremely lovely drawings. Next, Miss.Trang guide me to go through around and take a test.To be honest,i feel it is an interesting conversation.Then I was very surprised when everyone was communicating in English which made me very scared for a child who not have difficulty in learning English.

In addition, from a person who is not interested in learning English now with only one week,I feel really like English.Futher more,every lesson for me it not as boring as before instead of atractive lesson and little of hummor.More over, i think this is my turning point,I see my progress and i will continue to study and work harder to conquer English.

In conclusion, Emglish Garden as a stepping stone to help me open a brilliant career path.Thank Cong teacher who gave me have a passion for study English.I have something to tell you do not about the English Garden : The English Garden is a golden chance to have a significant role in our life.So come quickly and experience with us

Học viên của EG – Bùi Đức Tiến

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